The future of enterprises isn’t just happening but is created: Only innovative pace can succeed in the world of 2.0.

Future oriented companies don’t focus exclusively on efficiency and to make full use of customer potentials. The consultation of ChangeHappens leads to sustained change of the way of thinking and processes inside the company. We develope new business areas with „real“ unique selling propositions due to the innovate business process „blue ocean“ supported by additional methodologies. This leads out of direct competition into attractive fields of value growth and profit.

Main topics:

  • How can we create added value for existing and new customers on top of the “usual” core of performances?
  • How can we use our skillset to create unique offers to optimize our profit?
  • How can we massively reduce the risk of concept failures due to systematic processes?
  • How can we generate sustained power of innovation based on pure customer focus?
  • Are we in possession of the best possible marketing and distribution tools enabling us to execute innovative go-to-market activities?


Our paths leading to sustained answers:

  • “Blue Ocean Strategy” and defined innovation processes
  • Strategic brand management
  • Optimized sales approach due to our “key sales execution areas”
  • Change management, our coherent multi level approach from strategy to implementation
  • Reviewing of the business model towards succession planning